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Improving Engagement and Getting More Comments on Your Blog

Getting more blog comments and engaging people with your content is a joyful task that each blogger aims for. With the right approach and a good focus, nothing will stand in your way. It’s merely a matter of understanding your audience and trying to find new ways to make your content more engaging and impressive. I’ve compiled a list of ideas and tips that will hopefully help boost your blog post engagement rates.

Meaningful Content

There’s always the pressure of posting content to keep the engagement going with your readers, but the reality is if you fall into the time trap and feel bad for not filling some weekly writing quota, your blog posts might gradually lose the magic and not provide enough interesting topics for your readers.

Write informational blog posts and don’t lose your spark! Natural engagement will keep flowing when you provide quality instead of quantity content.

Being Unique

Copying what others are doing is out of the question. Why would a reader be engaged in the same article he or she read 5 minutes ago? Uniqueness and having content that others don’t is a key to a high engagement rate. It brings new information to the table and makes the reader feel accomplished by not wasting his or her time.

A unique and informal article might make the reader feel the need to share an opinion, ask a question or simply comment on how they appreciate what they just read.

Including Visuals

There’s always an image or a video that can go along with an informational piece of text. Visual media helps get the message across more easily and makes the reading experience exciting as a result. Take your time and implement the right media in your blog posts, it will all be worth it in the end.

Data and Statistics

There are so many more comments on blogs where there are data and statistics displayed in pretty charts – it makes people trust you a lot more too. This is precisely what you’ll want in your blog posts to boost your engagement rate.

Asking for Comments

We all like to be part of something big and enjoyable. Asking your readers to share their experiences, their opinions or simply asking for feedback isn’t wrong. People like to help when possible. After all, we’re sitting all day sharing information - writing an opinion is the least a reader can do.

Responding to Comments

One reason I wouldn’t comment in a blog post is the simple idea of nobody reading it. My small comment would likely get lost and it would be just a waste of time. At least that’s what I’d think if I saw a deserted comment section with no communication happening.

On the other hand, if you care about what readers have to say and communicate back, I’ll have an opinion or two to share.

Better Commenting Experience

There’s a lot of simple comment systems that every blogger can set up and use, Disqus is a famous example.

Some bloggers decide to go for a better user experience, asking just for a name and the comment, while others decide to make it mandatory to write an e-mail address and other information. The latter might discourage someone to write a comment, so it's a good idea to keep that in mind.


Letting readers engage with your content is a good experience for both the reader and (you) the writer. If there’s something the article did not cover, the reader might find it in the comment section or ask a question and even expect an answer from the writer him or herself
- That’s only one of the reasons why you should use a commenting system and it’s already enough.

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