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How to Make Your Blog Stand Out in a Crowded Niche?

What helps when trying to make a blog stand out and shine is seeing the big picture.

Start by asking your self: Where are this blog and niche going, and what can I do to improve it? How do I raise the bar?

As bloggers, it’s our job to be noticed and to get people’s attention - and that often means giving our best and reaching our full potential.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of practical ways that you can apply instantly and start seeing results, so let’s dive in!

A Better Reading Experience

Starting with the most simple one - It’s the age of the modern web and fast computers, entering a website today means expecting a feel-good user experience, - and in the case for bloggers, a feel-good reading experience.

So many blogs not only fail to deliver, but their reading experience is non-existent, especially in the mobile world.

But what is a good reading experience, anyway? Any activity that stands between the reader and the reading is not expected or welcomed.

To name a few:

Focusing on delivering the content and cutting such activities will improve user experience and therefore help you stand out.

Deliver The Message

If you want your blog to stand out, your blog posts should be able to speak to a reader in terms of offering practical information and solving a problem.

Shift your time and focus on delivering the message; explain the solution well and have your blog be helpful.

Don’t fill an article with unnecessary text just to reach a word count quota. Neither readers or search engines don’t appreciate it.

Also, search engines have stated over and over again that word count or focusing too much on a keyword is not the right way to go.

There’s Always More to Blogging

“Learning is the treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. ” -Chinese Proverb

Continuously learning about blogging, as if you were an excited and curious beginner will dissolve boundaries set by lack of knowledge, and will guarantee a creative idea or two that will help you stand out.

Checking out the latest plugins or latest blogging themes helps with knowing what's happening in the blogging world – maybe you could end up being one of the first people to apply a new idea or a new concept that your readers will like - and stand out as a blogger in the process.

Another subject you should regularly stay up to date with is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is changing so frequently and bringing new solutions to problems, and if you’re one of the first people to react to an SEO update, that will make your blog stand out.

Improve Your Personality

Personality from the late Latin word personalis “a distinctive character”

You’re in charge, it’s your blog, your feelings and your tone of voice! Are you going to write a random blog post or a happy random blog post?

Working on your personality, apart from many other good things, will influence how you approach every aspect of blogging. While this is a long and broad topic, I would like to make it short and list some personality traits you can improve that will help you stand out, as they’re appreciated by blog post readers:

Final Thoughts

It’s tricky to find something both unique and that works, but staying up to date or even one step ahead is a challenge that every blogger should take, and make it a fun process too!

After all, there’s a sparkling blog for most niches out there, why shouldn’t your blog be sparkling too?

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