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6 Tips for Picking the Best Images for Your Articles

Finding good images for your articles isn’t always the simplest thing. The main challenge with articles is that there’s a lot of content that needs to be followed by images, and you can’t just share any random image – you need an image that fits the content and creates a pleasing experience for the reader. Every article captures a certain idea or feeling, and you need a good image to back that up. 

Think Differently

There is always a place to think outside the box and to not go with the first thing that comes to mind when choosing an image for a topic. I don’t like to complicate things - for example, a graphic related to the article over a solid background doesn’t distract the reader, it will help him or her getting a quick grasp of what they’re about to read. It doesn’t only add value and a pleasing experience to the article, but the whole blog in general. 

High-Quality Images

If you want to show that your blog delivers good value, the best way to achieve that is to offer images of high quality. This used to be a tricky part in blogging, but it isn’t at all in these astonishing modern times – with tons of royalty-free images offered by free services such as Unsplash or Pexels.

High-quality images without having to pay any money - what a dream come true, right?

Colors in Images

People like good looking colors, it’s that simple! You can use colors to make an article stand out visually, yet that’s not the only case - colors in your images when used correctly add to the tone of your article. Here are a few examples: 

Can People Share Your Image?

This is an important question to ask yourself when picking an image for your article. Would an image prevent people from sharing your valuable article? We’ve all shared articles on our social media pages before so this one isn’t hard to understand. We don’t share articles with images that don’t fit the media format, images that are low quality, send the wrong message, or are completely random and irrelevant.

Pictures of People

We’re naturally drawn to looking at faces. After all, we are social creatures so it makes a lot of sense to include pictures of people. It adds value to your article and gives a sense of confidence and realism. 

Visualizing Data

Visual representations of data and statistics are helpful. You need credibility to make a statement, and to get that credibility you visualize your data – usually in the form of easy to understand charts. It delivers on the promise of a valuable and informational read.

Final Thoughts

There’s a big science when using proper images, although I’ve tried to cover what I think are the most important aspects of choosing the right image. The choice is yours and you can try to use a variety of image types and see the results for yourself. Regardless of the situation, knowing what images to use to bring out the best of your article is a big advantage.

Knowing what images to use is key, but being unique is as important. You shouldn't take every guide with a grain of salt and try to invent your methods too, who knows, the experience might be more interesting and more rewarding for the reader.

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